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Doodles, sketches, graphics, watercolors...paired with musings and drabbles about each piece.

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Wei Wuxian meets Cernunnos

★ Wei Wuxian is the main character from the novel Mo Dao Zu Shi. It has been reimagined in many different adaptations such as the show - The Untamed, which is my favorite show.  [spoiler] In the story, Wei Wuxian goes through a death and rebirth process, and when he rises he fully steps into his power.

★ Cernunnos is a Gaulish god of liminality, death, and rebirth. He is often depicted with stag horns.  My first encounter with Cernunnos was during a shamanic drum circle that I was a part of. During the circle, the host asked us to envision ourselves in our "happy, safe place". Mine was sitting on a deck overlooking a lotus pond with a lush green forest surrounding me. We were also asked to allow any visions to come to us at this time.  I saw my usual two spirit guides approach me from the right and in front - Quan Yin and Archangel Michael, respectively. Then to my left, a man approached me - one I had never met or seen before.  He was dressed in woodsman / hunter clothing - lots of green and furs. As he approached me, he morphed into a reindeer / elk with large horns.  The reindeer kept walking towards me and then sat down next to me on my right side.  It was so close that the fur was touching my arm. After sharing this with the circle, the other host of the event came up to me and said that the third person I had seen in my vision really sounds like the pagan god Cernunnos. I had never even heard of this name before and was so excited so we Googled his name right then and there.  And lo and behold, I stumbled on several images of him that looked exactly like the god I had seen in my vision! I was very shaken and excited at the same time.  In the next few weeks, I did more research on Cernunnos and discovered that he is the god of liminality, death, and rebirth - all themes that are representative of the work that I believe I am here to do.  A few weeks after this drum circle I had a dream about him!  A man in my dream told me to "talk to this person!" and he wrote Cernunnos down on a piece of paper.  I took this as a huge sign that Cernunnos has chosen to connect with me and I could not be more excited to work with him! I have been working on communing and connecting with him more ever since and I feel so resonant with his energy and so blessed to be connected with him.

Your Highest Self

This is a sketch of what I believe a person's highest self looks like - pure light and pure magic!  Adorned with rich gold armor, jewelry, and a glowing shining aura. 

What is your highest self?

"Higher self is a term associated with multiple belief systems, but its basic premise describes an eternal, omnipotent, conscious, and intelligent being, who is one's real self."


To me, it is your soul, your true self essence that is eternal and infinite.

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Tự Tâm - Bạch Liên & Hoàng Thượng

Tự Tâm is the first music video of a 3-part series created by two Vietnamese artists - Nguyen Tran Trung Quan and Denis Dang

★ The storyline, production quality, directing, stylized costumes, acting, and cinematography are all top-notch.  I'm so proud that something so incredibly high quality was created by artists from my motherland.  The universe that the music videos take place in is utterly breathtaking as well as the actual song itself!  To watch the first music video, click here.

★ This sketch + watercolor was done as a fanart for this inspiration photo.  I also like the original version that is just a sketch without watercolor.  I haven't watercolored in ages so this was definitely a challenge for me but I had so much fun! 

Inner Child & Highest Self

This is an acrylic piece that I created in 2017.  It represents the image of my inner child combined with my highest self.  She loves to be playful, free-spirited, and roam around in nature.  She is intrigued by magic and mysticism.  There is also a sense of raw power in her eyes, but she's hiding some of that behind a shrub of plants.

What does your inner child & highest self look like?

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as bright and devastating as the moon

The melody strikes him right at his heart, wrenching and so sweet at the same time, he turns slowly, walking over to the doorway.  His breath catches, but when does it not everytime he looks at this immeasurably beautiful being- as bright and devastating as the moon? Through the flurries of snow, [...] looks like he’d floated down from the heavens simply just to play this song for [...], the snow swirling around him making him that much more ethereal.


Will he then simply dissipate just like the fog in Gusu when the sunrise flickers through the mountains? 

[...] is the one person who has been here all along, waiting for me.  Even if he were to go somewhere, even if he were to try to leave, I would not let him. I would stay by his side no matter how narrow the single plank bridge becomes."

- excerpt from my The Untamed fanfiction 

(if interested to read it, please message me)

This acrylic piece was created in 2017  when I was going an extremely painful awakening process involving a karmic contract + twin flame energy.  I was forced to learn true and utter surrender.  The fanfic was not written until March 2020, but I found that the artwork describes this part of the story so unbelievably perfectly (down to the snow and everything!) so I wanted to pair them together.

fa ru xue

“Hair like means that it is wholly and completely pure in the nature of what it is.  Unblemished, unsullied, perfect in its own existence. It is the absence of starlight, it is the pure inky darkness of the night. It is unabashedly what it is, does not try to be anything else. Does not need to be anything else.  It shimmers and shines like the snow, gleaming and glowing and full of wonder. It completely encaptures me and ensnares me in its raven colored locks, just like snow. Just like you.”

- excerpt from my The Untamed fanfiction 

(if interested to read it, please message me)

This watercolor piece was created in April 2020 as an accompanying visual piece for my fanfiction.

Below is the original in pencil.


exploration with graphic art

Adobe Illustrator has always been one of my favorite modalities / programs to use to create as it's what I used all throughout my college career (we used it daily in fashion design).  Thus I love playing and exploring with this limitless program.  It's something I hold very dear to my heart.  Tap on each image for its title.

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