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digital course


a personal guide to your spiritual awakening

A 6-week online course to help guide you and hold your hand through your (possibly) tumultuous Spiritual Awakening. We are here to guide you in exploring the world of energy in the safest way possible. The simple yet essential tools you will learn throughout this six-week course will help you build a solid foundation for your spiritual journey. The knowledge, tools, and practices are the building blocks that you’ll carry with you throughout your exploration. They will help guide you and protect you along the way. These are tools we use in our practice and are by no means the only way to practice. As you are a sovereign being, we encourage you to take what techniques resonate with you and leave the rest behind. Your Divine journey is Universal You.



8/23/20, 8/30/20, & 9/20/20


ABOUT THE WORKSHOP: When working with mysterious energies beyond ourselves, we must learn how to properly protect ourselves and how to explore these new realms as safely as possible.  In this 2 hour class we will be learning some tips and tricks on how to protect, ward, cleanse, and shield. We'll also make protective charms / amulets for you to take home. Price includes supplies needed to make the protection charm.


WHAT TO BRING: If you have a small object or crystal that you're sentimentally attached to, feel free to bring it so we can use it as part of the protection charm/amulet that we will be making! (Please note that this object will be inside of the charm so pick something you'll be ok keeping inside the charm.)

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