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The White Wolf - Dream Diary #1

I have been having incredibly strange, fascinating, vivid, and very realistic-feeling dreams lately during this quarantine time and I know many others are having them too. I definitely think it has a lot to do with the energetics of this time. We are all shifting our vibration as a collective right now to 5D. It only makes sense that we will start to be experiencing other dimensions and astrally travelling a lot more!

My dream last night was incredibly fascinating and so real and visceral I can still remember the physical sensations of it as if I actually was there...and maybe I was...

The landscape was a post-apocalyptic zone - we were in the dry desert. Very Mad Max vibes. Everything was rundown and there were no people around at all. The land was barren and deserted and desolate. All structures and buildings were destroyed or abandoned. I believe I was with my sister and my childhood friend, Vivi. We were driving in a large van trying to get somewhere when we were suddenly attacked by a mob of aggressive and violent zombies! It was so terrifying because they were so fast-moving and quick, which reminded me of the zombies in Train of Busan (I only watched 20 mins of that and had to turn it off because it was way too scary for me). They ran at us and tried to get into the van and jumped in front of it, trying to climb all over it. So scary! And it made it scarier because they were so fast and unpredictable. I can't remember who was driving at the time, but the zombies jumping at us from every direction and literally just mobbing the van made the van swerve all around uncontrollably, spinning out in all directions. I'm not sure how it happened, but somehow we were able to shake the zombies off the van eventually and we sped off in the direction we were headed in. Phew, the relief was intense! I was so terrified and tense the entire time!

We drove a short distance and arrived at a strange door. It was a metal bronze-colored door that looked very steampunk-ish, which again, is so totally Mad Max vibes (I love!). Someone was behind the door and let us in after making sure we were safe by glancing at us through peephole. Once we entered the door, we realized it was actually the door of an elevator! The man who let us inside pressed a button and down, down, down we went. Not sure how many floors it was but we went pretty far underground. I think it was at this point that I made the connection this was an apocalypse safe-house. Once we got to the floor we were trying to get to and exited the elevator, we were greeted by another stranger. He said something to us which I can't remember exactly what, but I think the gist of it was to welcome us and make ourselves comfortable. He showed us around the space which was basically a lounge area with a bar (ha! a bar in the middle of an apocalypse, why am I not surprised at all?) and our accommodation rooms. There were also showers and resting areas. The lounge area was actually pretty nice and kept the steampunk aesthetic going (I think it's time for me to re-watch Mad Max lol). Brown plush leather couches lined the walls and the bar itself was pretty nicely stocked as well. A couple gruff looking men with large beards were sitting on the couches and at the bar, drinking and chatting quietly. Some people glanced at us as we walked by but no one really said anything other than a curious look. Everyone seemed exhausted and like they'd all had a long day. I guess that's how the vibe is in an apocalypse, after all?

We got settled in and cleaned up, and then went exploring of course! We found our way to a large room with floor to ceiling glass windows on all walls. The room was overflowing out with tons of artificial plants as well as flooded with artificial sunlight from above. There was a man standing by the door who greeted us when we got there. We asked him what was going on here and what they were doing. I noticed there was a large indoor racetrack. Turns out he was our official host, the person who invited us to come there in the first place. He was wearing very apocalyptic suitable clothing as well as a pair of steampunk goggles that were hanging around his neck - because, when in Rome, right?

He told us this was their "training room" and that they were all working hard "training" everyday. I am not sure what the training was for but I imagine they were probably preparing for some type of battle or maybe just to be more well-equipped to survive in the apocalypse. Maybe to defend themselves from the zombies? Not sure. He told us we were welcome to train as well if we wanted to start. We all said yes to the invitation and the next thing I know I was transported to the middle of the race track and beside me was a ginormous white wolf.

The man's voice called out to us from the doorway and said that they have been "training" with these wolves, which I guess meant they were being used as steeds for during battle (not entirely sure what he meant). In a flash, suddenly I was sitting on top the giant white wolf (also, this was not a normal sized wolf - it was definitely supersized. I mean it was probably as big as a horse). I felt myself clinging tightly onto it's back and leaning forward closer to it (like the position when you ride a horse), my fingers grasping into its thick white fur underneath me. This was the incredibly visceral feeling I cannot erase from my mind. I can still remember how the fur felt so real, lush, and vivid in my hands as I gripped it and the wolf took off. We were flying down the racetrack, going as fast as the wind, and I felt my soul connect with the White Wolf. The wind was whipping through my hair, my fingers were gripping tight, and my chest pressed against the fur as we raced down the track.

I looked over and saw my friend and my sister also on their own wolves, riding alongside with me. I grinned widely at them, and laughed in absolute awe. We were a pack. I felt so alive, so free. I can still taste that feeling of pure bliss and freedom and oneness with this Divine creature. I had a sense that the wolf was speaking to me telepathically and energetically; we definitely had some type of deep soul connection. There was a message it was trying to convey to me. I don't know exactly what the message was, but the connection was so deep I felt like I was the wolf for a moment there, and that it was me. I can feel a deep love for the wolf even now as I think back on this feeling. Is the wolf another one of my spirit guides or spirit animal guardians who is trying to connect with me? Perhaps.

All I know is...I can't wait to experience that feeling of pure bliss, soul-deep connection, and boundless freedom again. And I can't wait until I meet this wise, all-knowing creature once again. Thank you for choosing to connect with me, Great White Wolf. I am humbled and blessed to be in your presence.

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