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Welcome. I'm so glad you are here! This is a sanctuary and resource for the Divine beings seeking daily doses of magic, wonder, mysticism, divinity, sacred art, and soul healing. Here, we celebrate being multi-faceted beings of both light and darkness; we fully encourage embracing all gifts, all aspects of ourselves, and all versions of our souls. We are here to provide support for those seeking innate soul evolution and conscious living.

Discover what your soul is craving at this time, what you feel you need to step more into your power. Sink into the deep inner knowledge that you are supported, you are loved, you are gifted, and you are Divine light.

To read more about Lynna, click here.


$125 / 1 hour

Energy Healing

Clear out any energetic blockages, emotional traumas, and anything else holding you back from being your highest self with a modality of energy healing called Sentient Intelligence Healing.

$125 / 1 hour


Find support & assistance with a focused, intentional spell to help you manifest the dreams you desire and bring some spark and magic into your life.

$150 / 90 mins

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing is perfect for those who are going through a heavy or difficult time right now in their lives - whether they are struggling with one area or many different areas or just need a little bit of help unblocking . 

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