Sessions can be done in-person or remotely.

The energy healing modality that I offer that is similar to Reiki is called Sentient Intelligence Energy Healing. This type of energy healing clears out energy blockages, karmic ties, negative energy, stagnant energy, and anything else that does not serve you. Here is a description of this type of healing from the creator of this modality: "Intuitive healing where anatomy meets energy & spiritual healing. The focus is on the body as a whole incorporating connections to the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bodies. It gets deep into the structure to open, expand & align you on a physical level while at the same time it clears deep energy blockages held within the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual bodies."

$75 / 1 hour



Sessions can be done in-person or remotely.

Spells are action-oriented intention setting ceremonies / rituals.  For example, you may be trying to manifest a new beloved home.  You can set the intention and work on manifesting this new home internally with your energy + thoughts.  In addition, however, you can also perform a series of ceremonial actions and/or incantations in order to bring your desired result to fruition; this, to me, is a spell.  You can use any kind of tools to aid you in your practice as well.  If you would like me to perform a spell for you to help bring about a desired situation in your life, this is perfect for you!  If I need to purchase specific tools or supplies that I don't already have for a certain spell, your session may cost more than the base price below. I will let you know beforehand if this occurs and I will get your approval before purchasing extra materials.

**Please note: I only perform positive energy spells and do not work with black magic or do any work to bring harm to others or change another's will. I do not perform hexes, curses, or love spells that changes another's will. This is a basic rule of witchcraft that I strictly follow.**

$75 / 1 hour (+ any additional supplies purchased)


Sessions can be done in-person or remotely via video call.

Want to follow your dharma and pursue your life purpose? Are you looking to start a conscious business of your own but have no idea where to start? Do you have a million questions and they're all swirling in your head, making you anxious that you're not taking action yet or that you don't have a defined plan?   Are you ready to take the leap but are also terrified of the risk?  Trust me, I know exactly what that feels like. I was there, exactly where you are.  Let me help.  I can offer guidance, support, advice, encouragement, insight about certain industries, answers to your questions, and suggestions of where/how to start.  I will approach each session with utter understanding and empathy because I know what it feels like, but I will also be realistic and pragmatic with you on what I think will work and what will be inefficient. I am an action-oriented person and I believe magnetic flow comes from taking intentional, conscious action.  Thus, I will give you key action items to get started on, so please be open to receiving these and be committed to following through with them.  Let's jump-start that conscious business that your soul's been calling out for you to pursue...because the world needs your gifts to be shared!

  • $75 / 1 hour

Before our call, if you have specific questions you are seeking answers to, please prepare 5-7 of them so we can discuss them during the call.  Please prioritize by selecting the questions you feel are the most pressing or the most important for you at this time. I want you to leave the call ready to take that next step.



Sessions can be done in-person or via video chat.

Contrary to popular belief, I do not believe tarot readings are for the purpose of fortune-telling or predicting your future (plus we all have free-will that changes our "future" with any decision we make anyway).  To me, I believe the cards are simply a channel of Source energy and/or messages and advice from your spirit guides and your highest self.  I also believe the cards can provide further affirmations / reassurances of messages that your intuition and subconscious mind already know and have tried to communicate to you before.  Thus, the reading will not tell you something new that you already don't know somewhere deep down inside.  Rather, I believe a tarot reading is an insightful way channel guidance and advice, giving you a slight push in the right direction, and providing more clarity and awareness from your own intuition regarding your situation and life.



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