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Hello there Divine being. Nice to meet you, I'm Lynna! I'm so glad that you are here.  I hope that my offerings here are able to aid you in your Sacred journey and serve you in some way.

I'm a nomadic wanderess, a pioneering Aries sun, a Truth seeker, a light-worker and a shadow-worker, a Starseed, an eclectic witch, an artist, a descendant of an incredibly powerful lineage of Shamans, a priestess, a conscious entrepreneur + business owner, and a depth-seeking Scorpio moon + rising.

But most of all, and most importantly, I'm an eager student of the cosmos, here to learn, just as much as you are.


My hope is that this a place of sanctuary and safe haven that offers some inspiration, provides some resources, and holds space for a seeker like yourself to be able to express yourself fully. I hope you can find small doses of magic, beauty, and wonder here in the simplest things. This is a place that celebrates you in your most wonderful, eclectic, intricate, strange, Divine, multi-passionate, multi-faceted self.

And remember, it's more than okay to be more than one version of yourself, for we are made of millions of different stars from galaxies far and wide, and there is no reason to try to fit inside a box of expectations. So let go of the narrative and the limiting belief that you can only be locked into a single identity forever or be on only one specific path.

You're limitless, my love.  And you are so, so infinite.

You ARE the universe.


For more about me, check out my local small business Creatures of Whim

or connect with me on my personal Instagram.

I'm always down to talk aliens, witchcraft, holistic healing, and

conspiracy theories so shoot me a line anytime

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